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  FOX Friends  FOX News  September 19, 2016 4:03am-4:29am PDT

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joint terrorism task force brings out of that apartment. back to you all. >> all right. leland vittert live in elizabeth, new jersey, where it's really coming down. thank you very much. let's head to donald trump. he's joining us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know on saturday night, i saw you on tv, you said a bomb went off in new york, we don't know much about what's happened. we've gathered a few more facts. observation of what's going on in the big apple. >> well, it's a mess, and it's a shame and we're going to have to be very tough. i think maybe we'll see a big change over the last couple of days. i think this is something that maybe will get -- will happen perhaps more and more all over the country. >> what do you mean, more terror strikes? >> yeah. because we've been weak. our country has been weak. we've been letting people in tens of thousands. i've been saying you got to stop it. just last week, obama said you got to let more people in. 100,000. hillary clinton wants to increase what he's led in.
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he's let in thousands and thousands of people. they can't be properly vetted. i spoke to the best people in law enforcement. they say there is no way of vetting these people, so he let in over 100,000 additional people, and now hillary clinton is raising it by 550% and this has been going on for a long time. thousands of people are pouring into our country. we have no idea what we're doing. our leaders are -- i don't even say weak. i say stupid. >> hillary and tim kaine said that isis strikes on our cities means we're winning abroad. >> yes, i guess that's the way they figure things. they figure things. if we would have taken them out, we wouldn't have it. they are very strong. they are in 28 countries right now. these were started by hillary clinton and her policies and obama, when they got out of iraq, this is what happened. this is the remnant of it and it's much more than a remnant. look, they started in a small
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area. now they are in 28 countries and i listened to obama say, well, we're winning the war. we're not winning the war. they are winning the war. >> you said over the weekend too it was time to get tough as you got off the plane. just before you know, the bombs were full of ball bearings and shrapnel. >> bbs. >> that was going to be maximum carnage. we have 29 people, just because they got out of the hospital doesn't mean they are okay. what do you mean we have to get tough? specifically, donald trump, what is the policy in donald trump's administration to getting tough? >> first of all, we have to -- these are sick people. okay. these are sick, evil people that want to destroy this country, and the way we coddle them and the way we're afraid to say anything and we're afraid to say what the problem is and who they are and they don't want to say radical islam. they don't want to talk about radical islam. obama won't even say the words. neither will hillary clinton. >> what do you mean by getting tough, though? >> you have to hit them much
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harder over there and we're going to find out -- you know, our police are amazing. our local police, they know who a lot of these people are, they are afraid to do anything about it, because they don't want to be accused of profiling, and they don't want to be accused of all sorts of things. in israel, they profile. they have done an unbelievable job, as good as you can do, but israel has done an unbelievable job and they will profile. they profile. they see somebody that's suspicious. they will profile. they will take that person in and check out. do we have a choice? look what's going on. do we really have a choice? we're trying to be so politically correct in our country and this is only going to get worse. this isn't going to get better. i've been talking to you guys for years, and i've been saying. >> you have. >> this is only going to get worse. you have to stop them from coming into the country. >> of course, that's one of the primary tenets of your entire campaign about immigration in the country. >> and it has been. this isn't just something i developed overnight because of this. i knew this was going to happen.
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>> you've been talking about it for a very long time. you were busy. you were tweeting over the week. last night you sent this out. under the leadership of obama and clinton, your tweet reads, americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. time to change the playbook. okay. change the playbook, how? >> we're qog to have to do something extremely tough over there. >> like what? >> like not the knock the hell out of them. we have to get everybody together and lead for a change. we're not knocking them. we're hitting them every once in a while. we're hitting them in certain places. we're being very gentle about it. we have to be very tough and you have other countries who are getting devastated far more than we are. it's called leadership. they have to fight. they have to fight the battle. the battle is over there. we have to fight the battle and we can't let any more people come into this country and when we have bad ones -- we have people going over fighting for isis and coming back and we know they are fighting for isis and
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we take them. once you leave this country, you fight for isis, you never come back. >> the problem is hillary clinton has already ruled out ever putting troops on the ground, yet we don't get any intelligence, we don't arrest anybody. we shoot people from drones and planes. would donald trump put people on the ground if necessary? >> the fact that she even said that is a terrible thing because when you say that, you are giving the enemy -- you are giving the enemy heart. you are saying to the enemy we're not going to do it. even if you are not going to put troops on the ground, you should never say it. she's saying that because she's desperate for votes. all you have to do is look at her poll numbers, look, if you want weakness, she's weak. i watched her in the airplane over the weekend talking, and i couldn't -- i would hate to see for mour -- forgetting about me. i would hey to see four more years of those kind of answers. >> you mentioned our leaders are not calling what it is. funny you say that, just after all these attacks over this area, the mayor of this city,
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bill de blasio he's not calling it terrorism. a lot of people are saying isn't it terrorism if people bombing areas of new york city. isn't that the definition itself of terrorism? he won't call it that. >> it's incredible. hillary won't say it. president obama gave a press conference talked about why he wouldn't call it terrorism. he should talk more about how to getting these people. you never saw the problem if you are afraid to use the real name. this is radical islamic terrorism. the guy in minnesota is going around, screaming his words, slashing people, knifing people, viciously slashing people. it's crazy how they came into the country in the first place is beyond belief. this is going to be like the trojan horse. we're letting tens of thousands of people flow into this country and they are bringing in in many
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cases this is cancer from within. this is something that's going to be so tough and you know they stay together, so nobody really knows who it is, what's happening. they are plotting. they keep plotting, and this has been going on for so long and everybody knows it and the good law enforcement, we have such great people. that's the best thing we have going. great law enforcement. they know about it. >> donald trump, speaking of great law enforcement, we're looking at members of the atf and fbi. there's a live raid right now out in elizabeth, new jersey. is it related to the five guys who were arrested coming off the bridge last night. >> who were from elizabeth. >> from elizabeth going to the airport, we don't know at this point. from folks at home, something is wrong with our ticker down below. that's old news. we apologize for that. when we first started the interview, mr. trump, we had not heard from you since saturday night when you came off the
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plane, saying a bomb went off in new york. nobody knows what's going on. then you were hit by mainstream media by using the word bomb before the authorities confirmed the attack. yet, hillary clinton referred to the bombings in new york and new jersey but cnn edited that out. what do you make of that? >> cnn is disgusting and they are disgraceful. i love watch it. and sometimes fox doesn't treat me okay, but that's okay. >> we're fair-and-balanced. >> that's okay. i watch cnn. how about bill clinton's statement last week where he talked about her sickness and said something, it happens all the time or something -- >> frequently. >> he said frequently. and he said oh, i meant it only happened -- in other words, she only gets -- she gets sick all the time or frequently, and then he goes, oh, i mean, just every once in a while. >> and then they edited it out. >> they took it out. do you think if that happened to
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me, do you think they would take it out? they not only take it out. it feels like they add things. these people are the most dishonest people. cnn is so disgusting and dishonest. they call it the clinton news network. if you saw her in the back of the plane and she used the words bombs also, by the way, i heard, i didn't see it. i heard i was criticized for calling it correctly. what i said was exactly correct. i should be a news caster because i called it before the news what i said was exactly correct and everybody says while he was right, he called it too soon. okay. give me a break. but hillary clinton used the word "bomb" shortly thereafter and nobody said anything about it and somebody said somebody of them edit that word they took it out rveth they did. >> folks, it's a rigged system, and i've been saying it for a long time, and the news is as dishonest as anybody there is. >> why do they care so much if they use the word "bombing" or not. we're talking about a terrorist
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attack. why is that? >> because the authorities had not officially released that it was a bombing. >> that's not really the reason. the reason is because my poll numbers are so good that they are so worried. they will do anything they can to stop common sense. it's common sense, but they will do anything. think of it, hillary clinton wants to allow hundreds of thousands of these same people that are, they have such hatred and sickness in their heart. it's sickness, but -- it's sickness and it's hatred and she wants to allow -- she wants more to come in. thes trying -- she's trying to prove she's more liberal than bernie sanders. she wants hundreds of thousands of people to pour into this country and we have no idea who they are. >> we're watching this video because above the first american fried chicken store, evidently, there's apartments and there's a raid going on right now that might be related -- >> near to an elizabeth, new jersey, bomb, that was found and blown up by a bomb robot that lost its arm in that bomb, so they need a new robot, but good
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news, no one is hurt. i got to ask you, donald trump, among the people who got blowback for an interview was jimmy fallon. evidently, he was heavily criticized because he humanized you. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i heard that and he also got tremendous ratings that night, so he's smarter than all of them put together. i heard that and dr. oz has had the highest rating shows in years. i'm happy for them. you know what, i was happy to do his show. he asked me to do his show. i asked the emmy's and there was so many skits about trump. we had a great time. it was fantastic. he got really high ratings for jimmy fallon. >> are you worried about that? if someone does an interview that comes out good, that their career could be hurt? >> i'm going to be treated very unfairly during the debate. matt lauer was very fair and he did a very good job and
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everybody said i won that debate, if you call it a debate, the one on nbc last week, the town hall. they said that that was a -- the forum. they said that that was a -- an event that i won, and matt lauer was badly criticized, and i think, you know, i'll be honest, i think that system is disgraceful. >> do you know who this moderator is going to be? >> it's going to be lester holt. >> are you going to be lester holt is going to be unfair to you now? >> well, you know, i have a set of things that i'll be doing if that's the case. i think he -- i always found him to be fair, but, you know, the system, as i said, it's a very, very dirty system, and it's a very unfair system, so we'll see what happens, but, you know, i feel very confident going into the debate. i have much better solutions to problems. we have plenty of problems. you look at what's going on. but now, a new problem comes up and that's these people that are
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pouring into our country and we have to do something about it. we have to stop it. >> okay. >> we have to stop it and we have to stop it now. >> and in all relates to terror, you say. abc news, mr. trump, is reporting that the fbi is going to be putting out a wanted poster later today for a 28-year-old suspect in the new york city bombing. abc news has just learned. also, one of the things we've learned -- one of the things that's going on here in new york city starting today is the u.n. general assembly and we have heard, mr. trump, that after hillary clinton said last week that she was going to be meeting with the president of egypt, president al sisi, that you will be meeting with him as well. >> i don't want to comment who i'm meeting with. i will say that with all the folks being in new york, i've had a lot of calls from a lot of different people on the basis that i'm doing well and, you know, they seem to think it's
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important to maybe meet but but i don't want to comment specifically on who but a couple of people are coming over. i've already met with a couple. >> you've already met with other world leaders. >> i just don't want to comment specifically on who they are. >> were you eventually? >> yeah, i think so. yeah, i think so. but we will see. let's put it this way, it will be a very interesting day or two. >> can i ask you this? when you sat down with these world leaders, did you have to disabuse them of how you've been labeled? did they have questions for you because there has been international concerns, we had a senator from delaware saying the world is uneasy about your candidacy? >> well, maybe that's a good thing, not a bad thing. right now, the world has no respect for our country. they have no respect for our president whatsoever. you see this kind of stuff happening. the world takes advantage of us on trade. they are stealing our jobs. they are moving to mexico. china is treating us like we're a child, the way they do. you know, they charge tax but we don't charge tax. you want to do business in
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tax -- in china, you have to pay a lot. you want to do business here, the chinese, no problem, come on in. do whatever you want to do. it's a totally unfair and very foolish system. >> you only have about a month and a half left in this race. it's hard to believe that. what's your plan going forward? what can we expect in the next few weeks? >> well, we're having big rallies today i'm in florida and we're having rallies where we're getting 25, 30,000 people this week. i think we have one we're trying to get a large stadium as opposed to where we are. we have an 8,000 seat venue in ft. myers and we're trying to get an open park or a venue of some kind that will hold 35, 40,000 people because we're being inundated. the word is out. i mean, this has been happening with me from almost from the time i went from june 16th -- it's hard to believe. we're right. we're talking about a such short
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period of time. june 16th is when i announced last year and here we have with not much time left. >> reince priebus said yesterday the former candidates who refused to get on board the trump train could be looking at some sort of penalties for withholding their support, in particular john kasich and ted cruz and things like that. mr. kasich said we're not going to be bullied by reince priebus. do you know these guys are going to jump on board before it's too late? >> i really don't care. that's up to them. they signed a very strong pledge. they signed it because they wanted me to sign it. you remember that very well. everybody wanted me to sign it because they thought i might run on a different party or whatever, which i don't think -- it's not happened. but they all wanted me to sign and they all wanted me to sign the ledge. it's no outs. i will agree to run.
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you can get the best lawyer. you couldn't draw it any stronger. on top of that, they sign another agreement where they have the right to use all of the millions and millions of dollars worth of data from the rnc. so that was like consideration. now then there were three or four of them that did not honor it and the reason they didn't honor is because they got beaten so badly. i beat kasich so badly that it was unbelievable. i won, you know, 42 states and he won one and by the way didn't win it by much. that was ohio. i'm right now leading in ohio by a lot. we're getting along great with rob portman who is doing well. we're working together. we've endorse ds each other. we have a great relationship, but kasich isn't on board. the only reason he's not on board is he got beaten so badly. he got beaten as badly as anybody can get beaten. he stayed in the race and he kept staying, saying, he would go to a race and practically no votes and on to the next one.
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by the way, there were many people who did much better than kasich, the only difference when they saw they weren't going to win, they got it. kasich stayed there forever. i don't mind. if kasich doesn't endorse me, that's fine. i will say this, he and bush and all of these people signed pledges, ted cruz, there are four of them, i guess, the rest of them came on board. ben carson endorsed me. he's a big part of our campaign, as you know. we have chris chris si. we have most -- most of them have endorsed me and that's great. you also know how well it's going. >> donald, do you think there should be retribution and they should not be allowed to run again? >> they sign a contract, brian. the contract is so clear. it said i will endorse the person that, you know, wins the primaries and i won -- not only did i win, i got 14 million votes. i got more votes than anybody in the history of the republican party. i have nothing to do with this. i didn't even know this. reince priebus is doing a very good job but it shows he's a
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tough cookie. he doesn't like it when you sign a pledge and then you use their data of which cost them millions and millions of dollars to -- because of the fact you signed a pledge and then you violate it, look, they signed an agreement and the agreement says without question, it says i will -- now they are violating it and nobody talks about. they say what wonderful people. nobody talks about the fact that they violated a pledge. >> mr. trump, with the politician, with anybody, you are only as good as your word. is anybody going to trust these guys ever again? how could they possibly run for president or anything else? >> you know what it is, they got beaten so badly and they didn't expect -- i mean, jeb expected to win. kasich, i don't know how he expected to win, but i guess he did, but he certainly got very few votes. he would go to these states and he would bomb in every state, but he was stubborn. he says i'm going to the next one. i remember one of the reporters asked him well, you did very poorly here, are you getting out of the race? no, sir, i'm going -- he just
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stayed in. i don't know why he stayed in because he had no chance, but what they do is these people all want to run in four years, right? if i were the head of the republican party, i would say you can't do it, but what do i have to do? in the meantime, we're either tied or leading. we're doing very well and it would be nice to have their support, but i don't -- at this point, i don't really even care about their support, whatever happens. >> can we get back to what we're seeing right now on the screen. it's the fbi raiding an apartment above the first american fried chicken in elizabeth, new jersey. this happening after there was an explosion in the middle of the night at the train station in new jersey, and then we also had some explosions over the weekend at satisfyside -- seaside park in new jersey. we understand that governor cuomo is going to be on with us a little bit later. soon, i sudden say. he's saying there is a foreign connection here. there may be a foreign connection. >> i think there is. i think there's many foreign connections. i think this is one group. this is one group. but you have many, many groups,
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because we're allowing these people to come into our country and destroy our country and make it unsafe for people. we're allowing these people to come in. we don't want to -- we don't want to do any profiling. if somebody looks like he's got a massive bomb on his back, we won't go up to that person and say, i'm sorry, because if he looks like he comes from that part of the world. we're not allowed to profile. give me a break. >> donald trump, the problem is you do not need to go to syria or iraq or anywhere. you can get -- become a militant on the internet by watching some of these so-called charismatic islamic extremists believe it or not, like alawaki, he's still radicalizing these people even after his death. how do you stop it? >> it's called freedom of the press, where they buy magazines
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and they tell you how to make these same bombs that you saw. people will go crazy. trump is against freedom of the press. i'm totally in favor of the freedom of the press. how do you like magazines that tell you from step one, go to the store and buy such-and-such, right? simple, simple, stuff and it's devastating. you look at that with the nails inside. they tell you about the nails. what kind of nails to buy. what kind of -- what manufacturer to buy. they tell you how to make bombs. we should arrest the people that do that because they are participating in crime. we should arrest them. instead they say oh, no, you can't do anything. that's freedom of expression. >> why do they allow the websites? you can go online? >> that's the same thing. those people should be arrested because they are inciting violence. they are making violence possible. they should be arrested immediately. they have websites that tell how to make bombs, how to make all
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sorts of things that are totally destructive, and you know where they are coming from, and yet we don't want to touch them because of freedom of speech. >> is there a connection to the explosions in new york and new jersey to that building that we're looking at right there? there's an fbi raid under way for the folks who are tuning in. the fbi is going to be putting out a wanted poster very shortly. it features a 28-year-old suspect, and so we're standing by for that. i've got a question for you, though, and we've been talking for the last 20 minutes with donald trump. mr. trump, yesterday the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio would not call it terror. he said it was intentional. it was violent. it was certainly a criminal act. it was a bombing. would not call it terror. the governor cuomo said it was terrorism. what's up with de blasio? clearly, it's terror. >> well, i was with the governor the other day and he understands the problem and he's calling it right. i will say that until very
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recently, hillary clinton wouldn't even say radical islamic terror. i haven't heard say that by the way. she's very loathe to say the term. this is radical islamic terrorism. we have a president that refuses to say it. nobody understands why. they have thought process. but nobody understands why. we have a president refuse. and then we're supposed to be fighting people and our leader refuses to say what it is and who it is we're fighting. >> governor cuomo got blowback, he was talking to you and was nice to you at the 9/11 ceremony. >> oh, i didn't hear that. he was very nice and we had a great talk. i didn't realize he got blowback. i'm probably not surprised. look, it's a badge of honor. i'm doing this because we're going to make america great again. we're going to make it strong and we're going to make it prosperous again. we're not going to let our trade. you have to see our trade deals. i've been studying trade deals
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over the week. can you believe this is what i'm doing now? i used to have a good time over the weekend. but i've looked at trade deals. i actually enjoy doing this. i look at trade deals that are so bad, this natfa is a one-way street right out of our country. our jobs go right out of our country. our companies, it's a one-way street for our companies and our jobs to get out of here. nobody comes in. did you ever hear of natfa coming in and bringing jobs? did you ever hear of like natfa, a new company is opening in upstate new york because of natfa? it is a terrible situation. >> they talk about prices being low because of it, but max is not happy here and that's -- >> no, they are happy. mexico is happy. theograp the gravy train will end. we'll have our jobs -- if i get in, because our jobs are coming back to our country. >> all right. mr. trump, thank you for joining us this morning.
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>> okay. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it's an exciting week but it's a hair-raising week because what you are seeing is a series of bombs and bombing attempts. >> it is